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What powers do these tiny elation elixirs possess? We owe our bliss to Endoactives+™, a proprietary blend of Beta-Caryophyllene and hemp-derived CBD. This all-natural ingredient blend has been enhanced with smart delivery technology that increases the bioavailability of CBD, so your bliss won’t have to wait.

“Intentionally Blissful ”

Our fruity, naturally flavored beverage enhancers are fortified with KriyaPlex™, a special blend of Beta-Caryophyllene and CBD extract. These ingredients work in harmony with specifically selected botanicals to both generate and maintain your levels of natural bliss. Enhanced with a proprietary smart delivery technology system, these delectable drops waste no time before you’re able to feel and taste the bliss.

“This is Your Life. Drink it In.”

This petite potion is a true wellness chameleon--calling in Sleep, Calm, Focus, Rescue, Immune, Energy and Hangover remedies, giving you instant bliss at your fingertips. Its high concentration of all-natural ingredients means you can flavor up a whole bottle of water with only a few drops—so you can use it sparingly and still taste the bliss.





Here at Bliss Me, we are firm believers in fulfilling your wants first, so you can be equipped to support the needs of those around you. It is no surprise that taking the time and space you need is a necessity to be your best self day after day! When life gets in the way of your intentions, our drops are here to restore your mind, body and soul to a state of bliss.

As we know our work is never done. We are students of and believers in the natural healing powers of CBD, and dedicate a portion of all proceeds from Bliss Me sales toward furthering hemp education and initiatives.

Now, that’s what we consider good to the last drop.