Wet Your Whistle

As pioneers in purified water production, it’s fitting that Health Water, and its parent company CBD Naturals®, are headquartered in Carlsbad, California-site of one of the highest quality natural water sources in the world. Designed to fulfill your body’s daily hydration needs more effectively than regular bottled or tap water, Health Water is fortified with the world’s highest quality CBD Naturals® Phytocannabinoid Complex has an optimal alkaline pH and provides beneficial minerals and electrolytes for pure replenishment. Thirsty yet? 

Put Your Water to Work

Real talk. Your days are busy and long…and busy. Did we mention busy? Last time we checked no one sets a reminder for a water break during their day. We manage to take breathers during hot yoga, kickboxing, and every work deliverable imaginable, but we cannot seem to find the time to make our basic needs (ie. hydration) a priority. It has been said that 75% of Americans suffer from dehydration which is why it makes sense to make your water work for you. 

The Waterworks



Naturally flavored, CBD Naturals® Purasomes™ enhanced still water will taste just like your favorite filtered water with an optimal 9+ pH alkalinity for a boost of hydration. Refreshing, restorative, classic. It’s everything water should be.


It’s ok to sparkle. Fortified with CBD Naturals® PurasomesTM and 72 non-GMO trace minerals, this refreshing sparkling water will satisfy the fancy health-nut in you. Flavorless and refreshing. Or squeeze in your favorite citrus.

Restore Your Balance

There’s more to our water than H2O- and you can feel it. Health Water is the first EVER to infuse a combination of CBD Naturals® Purasomes™- our proprietary colloidal phytocannabinoid complex-and a full spectrum of over 72 non-GMO ionic and trace minerals mined from the replenishing, all-natural ingredients work together to restore your balance and hydrate your body as nature intended.