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Can't Stop
Won't Stop

Words that you live by. This might mean good things for goal crushing, but it doesn't help you maintain the sense of balance and clarity needed to stay on your game. That's where we come in. PFX™ is a hemp-derived CBD Naturals® phytocannabinoid complex water-enhancer that comes in seven targeted varieties and six fruit flavors to help you tackle whatever obstacle you face throughout your day - with flavor.

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Stop at nothing

What powers the PFX™ effect? MVP goes to EndoActives+™, a proprietary blend of CBD Naturals® Beta-Caryophyllene and hemp-derived phytocannabinoid complex. This all-natural ingredient blend has been enhanced with smart delivery technology that increases the bioavailability of CBD Naturals® phytocannabinoid complex, so you can drop it in, and bang it out.

Each of our PFX™ beverage enhancers contains EndoActives+™ blended with other specifically selected botanicals to help target your energy needs no matter where they fall on the work to play spectrum.

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  • Sleep Mixed Berry PhytoFX Water Enhancer

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  • Focus Blueberry Acai PhytoFX Water Enhancer

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  • Rescue Peach PhytoFX Water Enhancer

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  • Energy Citrus PhytoFX Water Enhancer

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  • Immune Lemon Lime PhytoFX Water Enhancer

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  • Hangover Orange PhytoFX Water Enhancer

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  • Calm Raspberry Pom PhytoFX Water Enhancer

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leave every last drop on the field

You miss 100% of the drops you don't take. Don't miss out on yours.


Packed with EndoActives+™ and powerful botanical ingredients targeted for your specific competitive needs, these highly concentrated drops will give your A game some flavor.


Small enough to carry in your gym bag or pocket, you can drop a few drops into your drink, any time, any place, for juiced up hydration on the go.

Save the sweat for the hard stuff.


These super-drops are enhanced with a smart delivery technology that works to unleash the power of CBD Naturals® phytocannabinoid complex to focus your mind and balance your body.

Talk about a slam dunk.

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